NASA Crashed A Marine Helicopter On Purpose

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, NASA plans to drop a helicopter from 30 feet in the air to test safety features, like improved seatbelts.

You can watch the destruction happen live online at 1 p.m. EDT.

“Almost 40 cameras inside and outside of the helicopter will record how 13 crash test dummies react before, during and after impact,” lead test engineer Martin Annett said in a statement.”Onboard computers will also record more than 350 channels of data.”

The helicopter fuselage that will be dropped is a CH-46 Sea Knight, provided by the Navy. It weighs 12 tons and can travel upward of 165 mph. The Marines use this helicopter to transport personnel on the battlefield.

The helicopter will be lifted into the air by cables and then pendulum swung into a bed of soil, according to the space agency. When the cables are released the helicopter will smash into the ground at 30 mph, which “represents a severe but survivable condition under both civilian and military requirements,” says NASA.

Live streaming video by Ustream

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