NASA just launched a new tool that lets you browse decades of beautiful space porn

If you’re looking for the perfect space-themed computer or phone background, or just want to browse decades’ worth of spaceflight and science history, NASA has you covered — big time.

The space agency just launched a new multimedia search engine called the NASA Image and Video Library: a collection of more than 140,000 of the NASA’s most popular photos, illustrations, videos, audio files, and videos.

The tool echoes previous (now-defunct) NASA image search tools, but with some 21st-century improvements.

Screenshot of images nasa govNASAA screenshot of

For one, NASA’s new library automatically scales to smartphone- and tablet-size screens — so you can get easily your space fix on the move. The library also shows you the newest uploads in a Flickr-like presentation, which notes the format, file size, credit, and creation date.

The pages for individual files offer a download link (for scaled versions and the high-resolution original), a permanent link to the multimedia, and a tool to embed the file on other sites.

There are also tabs that show the newest additions to the library and most popular items in it.

The “most popular” results shift based on how many people look at different images and videos, but a photo of an aurora over New Zealand as seen from space (pictured at the top of this article) and an image of the sun (below) both caught our eyes.

Sun solar surface NASA JPL Caltech GSFC JAXA PIA19821 largeNASA/JPL-Caltech/GSFC/JAXAThe sun emitting solar flares.

NASA wants you to know that this vast collection “is not comprehensive, but rather provides the best of what NASA makes publicly available,” according to the space agency’s press release about the new tool. In other words, this doesn’t include all of NASA’s millions upon millions of files. (We recommend a Google site-specific search to find those.)

But NASA says this “is a living website, where new and archival images, video and audio files continually will be added.”

So what are you waiting for? Find and download a killer new space background for your phone or computer. Or just ogle at the space porn that’s now at your fingertips.

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