NASA Budget Must Grow $3 Billion Per Year To Put A Man Into Space

If we want to put a man on Mars, it’s not going to come cheap.

NASA’s current budget sits at $18 billion, but that number needs to go up by intervals of $3 billion a year, according to a report by the Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee.

The Chairman of this committee, Norman Augustine, was on Fox Business this morning to state his case:

“We either need to add funding, in our view about $3 billion a year, or else we have to tailor our goals back… If you tailor it back very much, we really don’t have a human space flight program. We would of course continue to have a strong robotic program.”

Robots are cool and everything, but it still doesn’t have the same ring as putting a human being in space. Looks like NASA just added more to the Obama administration’s plate.


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