Here's What It Looks Like Inside The Space Station Control Room

Joanne Manaster, a biologist at the University of Illinois-Urbana, tweeted this image of the mission control room that runs the International Space Station.

In the picture, you can see a video link into the station, the video feed from an outer camera on the station, and the station’s route, which you can also find online. Look at all those screens — four each!

You can see the Flight Director, who monitors the technical aspects of the space station’s flight in real time; the CAPCOM, who is the capsule communicator that talks directly to the astronauts on the space station; and the MOD, the mission operations dictorate, who plans, directs, manages, and implements overall mission operations.

ISS mission control NASA

Manaster is visiting the Johnson Space centre as a part of a NASA Social event. She even got to wander around a mock up of the ISS:

mock up of international space station

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