NASA footage shows the 'nightmare' Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is one of the first major Atlantic hurricanes scheduled to make landfall in 2018. It’s expected to hit the Carolina coast late Thursday evening. NASA has been tracking the storm for a few days and offers a new perspective from space. Following is a transcript of the video.

Hurricane Florence is so big that, NASA astronauts had to use a super wide-angle lens to shoot it. Hurricane Florence is one of the first major Atlantic hurricanes of 2018. It’s now a Category 2. With max winds at 105 mph.

And it’s scheduled to hit the Carolina coast on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 13. In areas where fewer homeowners have flood insurance now than in 2013.

NASA astronauts on the International Space Station described the hurricane as “menacing.” And a “no-kidding nightmare.” NASA started tracking the hurricane around Sept. 10. As it moved across the Atlantic, it grew in size and wind speed.

Reaching a Category 4 at one point with 130 mph winds and spanning an area larger than the state of North Carolina. But as it neared the coast on Sept. 13, it weakened to a Category 2.

It’s still a threat to 10 million people on and near the coast. And 1.7 million people have already evacuated the area. Flooding from rain and storm surges are the biggest threat. But Hurricane Florence is just the start.

As of Sept. 13, satellites have spotted 3 tropical storms in the Atlantic: Isaac, Joyce, and Helene.

Here’s a map of hurricane paths so far for 2018. The Hurricane season for 2018 hurricane season is scheduled to last through November.

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