Naples Residents Set Their Trash On Fire And Call Berlusconi Pontius Pilate

trash naples

Photo: wikimedia commons

Neapolitians set fires to piles of trash Thursday night as a protest to the government’s failure to clear more than 4,400 pounds of trash off the streets, according to The BBC.  Firefighters fought 55 individual fires, some of which encompassed trash heaps that were six-feet high.In Naples, most of the trash collection is organised by the Camorra organised crime group. Because of this, the city of Naples had to bring in armed guards to make sure that the garbage trucks can even get into the streets.

The mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, blamed Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi for the trash crisis, telling Italian newspaper La Repubblica that “Berlusconi has shown with his actions that he doesn’t give a damn about Naples. He has washed his hands of it like Pontius Pilate.”

Berlusconi promised to clean up the streets of Naples during his 2008 campaign.

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