Naomi Watts Awkwardly Cuts Off BBC Interview

Naomi Watts is currently in the midst of a whirlwind press tour to promote her new “Diana” biopic.

But one interview didn’t go as planned.

While chatting with BBC Radio host Simon Mayo last week, Watts abruptly ended the interview, telling him she had to go: “I think we’re getting the wind-up, sorry.”

Except the host says that was a complete lie.

With a solid two minutes left in their allotted 10-minute interview, the actress was clearly miffed about something. But the radio host — and his listeners — just weren’t sure what.

“I think we’re running late, and we’ve got to go to the next thing,” said Watts, clearly agitated.

The host pleaded, “Could we perhaps finish the interview properly, as we started it? Otherwise, we can’t use the interview,” but Watts had already left the room.

Audio of the interview was just released, listen below:

Now get the mysterious backstory:

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