SCANDAL IN THE UK: Lingerie Queen Jacqueline Gold Was Poisoned By Her Nanny

Jacqueline GoldJacqueline Gold

Photo: Image: Antony Jones/UK Press/Press Association Images

THE NANNY OF Ann Summers boss Jacqueline Gold has admitted that she attempted to poison her employer because she was involved in a dispute with businesswoman’s cook – and wanted to get her adversary into trouble.Alison Cox, 33, said that she put screenwash into Gold’s food in the hopes that her co-worker, who prepared the food, would be blamed and ultimately fired.

Gold, reputed to be worth £180 million (€121 million), was physically unharmed by the attempted poisoning but said that she feared for the safety of her child, the Telegraph reports.

Cox, from East Grinstead, West Sussex, faces a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment for administering poison with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy.

Presiding over proceedings at Guildford Crown Court, Judge Christopher Critchlow adjourned sentencing until March 4 and said: “It is a matter the court would like to know more about, apart from what the prosecution say. I want to know why she did it.”

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