Nanjing School Beauty Seeks Bodyguard With 100,000 Yuan Salary

school beauty


Translated from Chinanews by Chinahush:“Since I have been stalked, my door has been knocked on by strangers, and I feel obsessed by the news that a girl was attacked by a knife on the street, I decided to hire a male bodyguard in Nanjing! Here are the requirements: be able to fight against three people, and have good personality. To ensure my safety… the total salary for three years could be RMB 300,000 for the qualified candidate.”

Recently, such a microblog entry appeared on the internet. It was forwarded over 10,000 times and commented by over 1,000 people within a single day. The reasons for its popularity are first, there is a famous internet marketer among its forwarders, and second, the girl is from Nanjing University and is labelled as “school beauty”.

The information gathered by some netizens show that the girl is a junior in Nanjing University and is the leader of the school table tennis team. Her name is Li Jiannan. She participated in some entertainment show on Jiangsu Satellite TV not long ago. And on her microblog, there are many a sexy photos, which are photographed on her own.

“Such hype is pretty low-graded.” Many netizens criticised the girl’s act. Some netizens even pointed out directly that the so called evidence of pervert was totally faked, because right next to that photo was a sexy photo of the girl.

“I did not mean to create hype with this microblog entry. I am really concerned about my own safety and hence I would like to find the qualified bodyguard through the internet.” In the storm of online questioning and criticising, yesterday, a journalist from Jiangnan Times somehow found the heroine Li Jiannan.

“One month ago, I was stalked by a man who is in his 30s, and I was scared. The other night at around 8pm, I was harassed by another strange man, who stalked me and kept knocking on my door, asking for my phone number.” In order to hide from that man, Li Jiannan even moved to a new place recently. “This incident not only made me scared, but also my family is worried. In fact, it was my family who first raised the idea of hiring a bodyguard for me.” said Li Jiannan. And then she posted the recruitment information on microblog. “My friend said the monthly salary of bodyguard is over RMB 10,000 nowadays. That is why I proposed an annual salary of RMB 100,000. I only wanted to find an excellent bodyguard and had no other intentions.” said Li Jiannan. As for the later intervention of internet marketer “Qingchun Hongzhi”, it was just some help between friends.

How could a university junior afford to offer an annual salary of RMB 100,000 to hire a bodyguard in public? Many people expressed negative comments and questioning, deeming it some boring publicity stunt and game.

“My family’ income is average. But even if my family is poor, isn’t it a normal thing to hire a bodyguard to protect the child if she is harassed?” During her conversation with the journalist, Li Jiannan emphasised again and again that she was not some affluent 2nd generation (rich 2nd generation), and even the label of “school beauty” was initiated by netizens. Li Jiannan told the journalist that she had decided to give up online recruitment. Her parents called her and they thought it was not reliable to hire a bodyguard through internet. They thought it would be more reliable to hire someone back in her hometown in Liaoning. “I hope I could find a qualified bodyguard and come back to Nanjing in the coming new semester.” Li Jiannan said. After she hires a bodyguard, she will ask him to find another job during the day and protect her at night, and the monthly salary would be around RMB 7,000 – 8,000.

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