Nandos Is Putting The Mango It 'Stole' Back Today

Nandos is putting the mango back today, according to centre staff. (Photo: supplied)

A giant mango “borrowed” by fast-food chain Nandos as a marketing stunt is being replaced at the Bowen tourism centre in today.

Tourism manager Christin Short said a crane was righting the three storey high, ten tonne tourist attraction this morning, and that most locals were happy with the exposure the Queensland town received from the gimmick.

“The majority of people in town thought it was a good idea,” she said. “And Bowen didn’t have to pay for any of it.”

Short also said Nandos was going to pay for a refurbishment of the giant fruit sculpture, which according to media reports it removed to promote a mango sauce it will soon introduce.

The mango was reported “stolen” on Monday but the ruse began to unravel when it was discovered no official complaint had been made to police.

“We never received a complaint and are not investigating any offences,” A Bowen police spokesperson said.

The disappearance was announced through press releases and social media, which were “sent by Nandos through our channels,” said Short.

The charade was quickly exposed after a man named Bob called ABC Local radio to say he’d found the mango under a tarp in bushland behind the centre.

“From what I understand, Nandos approached Tourism Bowen,” Short said.

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