Bowen Police Say The Big Mango Was Never Officially Reported Stolen Following A Nando's Marketing Stunt

A before-and-after shot of the stolen mango. (Photo: Facebook)

Fast food chain Nandos has admitted it took the Big Mango from the Bowen tourist information centre in Queensland as part of a marketing stunt.

The oversized mango sculpture had been missing since Monday, and was reported stolen by centre staff on social media and through media releases that pointed to CCTV footage of the “theft”.

A Bowen police spokesperson told Business Insider the mango was never officially reported stolen to police. They were unaware if Nandos had informed local authorities.

“We never received a complaint and are not investigating any offences, the police spokesperson said.

This morning a man who gave his name only as Bob called ABC Local Radio and said he had discovered the mango hidden under a tarp in bushland behind the centre.

A Guardian Australia report had earlier linked Nandos to the stunt, identifying its marketing agency and pointing out speculation the chain was about to introduce a mango product already available from its Asian outlets.

Here’s the video posted by Nandos:

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