Nancy Pelosi Just Dismissed The Entire GOP Presidential Field As ‘Third Tier’

nancy pelosi

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lets it rip in a wide-ranging interview with Politico. “This crowd that they have there [in the presidential field], it’s not exactly what you would call the first string of the Republican Party,” she said, “I think that they can do better than that.”

Given the miserable mood of Republicans, who have been turning out to the caucuses and primaries in astoundingly low numbers, she might not be alone feeling this way. 

And Pelosi did get to specifics.

“If the far right thought that Romney could win, they might be more enthusiastic about him,” she said. “But they question what he stands for, and they don’t think he’s going to win, so what’s the sell? I’m not sure he knows what he stands for, and that makes it harder too.”


Pelosi also fired away at Congressional Republicans:

“Bless their hearts. They do what they believe, these Republicans. They do what they believe. And they do not believe in a government that has any role in clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety, public health, public education, Medicare, Medicaid.”

Read the whole thing if you like.