Can You Identify These Brands By Their Signature Fonts Alone?

Earlier this month, we talked about how brands use colour to establish their place in consumers’ minds.

But that’s not the only way companies use subtle imagery to make connections with people. Sometimes simply choosing the right font can convey important messages. For instance, Canon’s logo uses sharp corners to indicate the level of precision its products boast, while Tumblr’s logo highlights the company’s minimalist aesthetic.

We used the fonts of some of the world’s most distinctive logos to spell out new words. See if you can figure out which brands the letters belong to.

Hint: Entertainment

The Disney logo is based on founder Walt Disney's personal signature.

Hint: Tech

Facebook's logo font was created by the designer Joe Kral, a friend of the company's founders.

Hint: Sportswear

Nike uses a variation of the Futura font in its logo and on its t-shirts.

Hint: Tech

Yahoo unveiled its new logo to jeers last year after it spent a month teasing the internet with possible redesigns.

Hint: Tech

Google uses a variation of the Catull typeface, giving off an air of playfulness and flexibility.

Hint: Drinks

Coca-Cola is one of America's most iconic brands, and its 'classic' script mark is recognised around the world.

Hint: Pro sports team

The Yanks have been using some version of the bat logo since 1947.

Hint: Cars

In 2006, Ford used the rights to its logo as collateral for a badly-needed loan.

Hint: Restaurant

Taco Bell's current logo was adopted in 1994.

Hint: Tech

IBM says the horizontal stripes in its logo, introduced in 1972, are meant to convey 'speed and dynamism.'

Hint: Restaurant

The arrows in Subway's logo signify the entrance and exits of a subway.

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