POP QUIZ: Which Brand's Slogan Was "Reach Out And Touch Someone?"


“It’s the real thing.” “The king of beers.”

Some advertising campaigns are so great that they are forever ingrained in our memories.  But just because a slogan is catchy doesn’t mean it creates a good brand association. And if the brand isn’t remembered, then commercials are just wastes of a few million marketing dollars.

Advertising Age made a list of the top 100 campaigns of the century. It used three criteria to select the honored ads: if it was a watershed, if it was credited with creating a category, or if it was simply unforgettable.

So, which campaigns made their brands unforgettable?

Answer: Volkswagen

Answer: Winston

Answer: AT&T

Answer: Wisk laundry detergent

Answer: Steinway & Sons

Answer: Avis

Answer: De Beers

Answer: Burger King

Answer: Clairol hair colour

Answer: Miller Lite

Answer: Morton Salt

Answer: Maxwell House coffee

Answer: Hallmark

Answer: Perdue chicken

Answer: Ivory Soap

Answer: Listerine

Answer: Wendy's

Answer: Timex

Answer: Chanel

Answer: Campbell Soup

For the history on some of these brands, check out:

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