You can name a salmon after your ex then watch it get devoured by brown bears this Valentine's Day

  • Oregon’s Wildlife Images offered the opportunity for individuals to name a salmon after their ex and then receive photos of the fish being eaten by brown bears.
  • The center said the $US20 donation comes with a certificate and photos of the bears eating the salmon.
  • Just days after the promotion launched, it was already sold out – but there are other donation options still available.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Wildlife Images, an Oregon-based rehabilitation and education center dedicated to animals, is offering the opportunity for donors to name a salmon after their ex and receive photos of the salmon being eaten by two of the center’s brown bears.

According to the center’s Facebook page, for the price of $US20 per fish, interested parties will have the satisfaction of knowing their ex’s salmon namesake was completely destroyed by Kodi and Yak, the brown bears that the donations are going toward supporting.

“Did you fall hook, line, and sinker for someone who broke your heart?” the announcement on the page reads. “Kodi [and] Yak would love to help you get your revenge! In exchange for a $US20 donation, your ex’s name will be on a salmon and served up for dinner.”

The center said they will provide the donor with a special certificate and photos of the two bears destroying your specially named salmon

Brown bear eating salmon fishSylvain CORDIER / Contributor/GettyThe salmon will be devoured by the center’s brown bears (not pictured).

According to Wildlife Images’ Acceptiva site where donations were being pledged, the revenge option is no longer available. They wrote that the donations collected have helped feed Kodi and Yak for the year.

People who still want to donate to the center aren’t out of luck. On a more positive note, Wildlife Images is still accepting $US20 donations that can be used to feed the bears a salmon in a loved one’s honour. They’re also accepting $US1 and $US5 donations for those who want to become the Valentine of one of the center’s Animal Ambassadors.

This isn’t the only promotion that allows you to name an animal after your ex

CockroachShutterstockA different promotion lets you name a cockroach after your ex for $US2.

Naming animals after exes is a popular trend this Valentine’s Day. In January, Hemsley Conservation Centre announced their “name a cockroach” program, which allows patrons to name a cockroach after an in exchange for a $US2 donation.

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