You Have To Be Naked To Participate In An Upcoming Art Museum Tour In Australia

nude statue

Photo: Shutterstock

Get a different “view” of the exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia by touring the galleries in the nude.Nude gallery tours will launch at the MCA in late April, when the artist Stuart Ringholt will lead several evenings of nude tours. Everyone visiting the exhibition must also be in the buff, MCA curator Rachel Kent recently told The Wall Street Journal.

The tours are from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. after the museum officially closes, run April 27-29, and are adults-only. There’s a changing area provided for patrons.

The gallery tours deal with the themes of  “fear and embarrassment,” according to the museum’s website. Taking off one’s clothing will supposedly help “remove the material barriers between artist and audience (literally),” the website says.

After the nude tour, there is a nude reception.

Hope it’s not too chilly in there.

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