11 Year-Old Yemeni Girl Gives Profound Monologue On Arranged Marriage: I'd Rather Kill Myself

A video posted to LiveLeak today features a profound monologue by an 11 year-old Yemeni girl whose family attempted to force her into an arranged marriage.

Nada Al-Ahdal says she fled to her uncle’s house, and that people close to her have threatened to kill her if she does not get married. Arranged marriages at a young age are common in that region.

A common response, says Ahdal, is for those kids to commit suicide.

“It’s not [the kids’] fault. I’m not the only one. It can happen to any child.”

“Some children decided to throw themselves into the sea, they’re dead now. They have killed our dreams, they have killed everything inside us. There’s nothing left. There is no upbringing. This is criminal, this is simply criminal.”

Needless to say, Ahdal’s words are utterly profound for an 11 year-old:

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