NAB's now using Google Assistant to answer customer questions

NAB Digital & Innovation executive general manager Jonathan Davey with the Google Home in branch

The next time you have a question for the NAB, the chances are Google might giving you the answer as part of a voice-based automation program.

The “Talk to NAB” pilot is an local first for banking, enlisting Google Assistant on smartphones and the recently launched Google Home to answer general banking questions, ranging from replacing lost cars or resetting passwords.

NAB’s executive general manager of digital and innovation, Jonathan Davey, said the vast majority of customer contacts are now through digital platforms and the bank is experimenting with virtual assistants on a range of fronts, including a virtual banker chatbot for business customers, and a Facebook chatbot pilot.

“We know they want more self-service capability and they want to be able to solve basic questions in a channel that suits them and when it’s convenient for them,” Davey said.

“This is very much a first step for us in the voice-based smart assistance space; we will continue to develop our capability with the Google Assistant over time so it can answer more questions and perform more tasks for NAB customers”.

The Talk to NAB program is now live and available to NAB customers who have Google home or a smartphone with assistant.

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