NAB Wellbeing Index: These Are The Most Contented Australians

The overall wellbeing of Australians has improved slightly, but anxiety remains a key factor.

More than a third of the population continues to rate their current level of anxiety as “very high”.

The NAB Australian Wellbeing Index rose to 63.8 points in the three months to the end of September from 61.7 in the second quarter.

Source: NAB

Widows and retirees retain their position as having the strongest levels of wellbeing and single people the lowest.

Men and women report similar levels of wellbeing, but 50+ males have relatively stronger levels and young women (18-29) weaker.

Increasingly, most measures of wellbeing, except anxiety, appear to improve with income.

Wellbeing was typically highest for those who:

  • Live in Tasmania
  • Reside in a capital city
  • Earned $75,000 to $100,000
  • Were female (only marginally ahead of men)
  • Aged 50+ (especially men)
  • Were widowed
  • Lived in a 2 person household
  • Had no children
  • Did not finish high school or bachelor/post grads
  • Were not employed in a professional capacity
  • Worked full-time or were retired

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