NAB Is Hiring 100 Business Bankers To Help It Defend Its Position And Innovate

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National Australia Bank CEO Andrew Thorburn said last week he’s gearing up to protect the institution’s status as one of the country’s big business banks.

Part of this defence strategy, the bank is hiring 100 extra business bankers and launching a new CRM called NAB View to 4,500 of its corporate customers so it can provide better customer advice.

Late last month the bank revealed cash profit dropped 9.8% to $5.18 billion. More details on the results here.

NAB Chief Information Officer David Boyle today explained the new NAB View tool is designed to help improve customer relationships.

“As our CEO said last week, bankers play an important role in helping local businesses grow and create new jobs in the economy. We want to see more ambition and entrepreneurship in our country, and tools like NAB View will help our bankers provide expert advice to customers to achieve that goal,” he said.

“NAB View provides NAB bankers with a wider, deeper range of customer information. This enables bankers to know their customers better, have better quality conversations and be better equipped to meet their needs.”

The new platform is part of the bank’s NextGen program and has been built off the Oracle Customer Hub, combining information from 12 million of NAB’s customer and account information as well as its wealth and wholesale banking divisions.

“NAB View is the portal that draws data from the customer hub and presents it to bankers with integrated tools. This means that a banker can see a customer’s entire relationship on just one screen – whether they hold traditional NAB personal or business accounts, accounts in UBank, policies with MLC or as a wholesale banking customer,” he said.

“Consolidating data in one spot enables bankers to be faster and more efficient, meaning they’ll spend less time finding and reviewing information across different systems, and more time providing advice to customers.”

Boyle said consolidating 150 million records took considerable time.

“It took four months to consolidate the data onto the Customer Hub when we first turned it on – that should give everyone a sense as to how big this task was,” he said.

The roll out is part of the bank’s innovation strategy which includes upgrading its tech infrastructure.

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