8 Charts That Show Why Facebook Is Worth $50 Billion

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Goldman Sachs made it official: Facebook is worth $50 billion.

And coincidentally, J.P. Morgan analyst Imran Khan put out his annual report on the state of the Internet earlier today, which has some statistics to explain why.

You knew that Facebook was big, but exactly how big might surprise you.

Facebook Reaches 70% of US Internet Users. That's Up From 48% In Aug. 2009

Users Spend 10% Of Their Time On Facebook

Facebook surpassed Yahoo this year, but it's also way ahead of Google, where users mostly come to search and then leave.

More Than Half Of Facebook Users Visit Weekly

Facebook Is Driving Way More Traffic Than It Used To

Its influence is particularly growing in e-commerce: traffic from Facebook to Amazon is up more than 3x from a year ago.

Facebook Connect Is Used By More Than 250 Million Users Per Month

This expands Facebook's reach way beyond its own site.

Heavy Facebook Users Are Addicted To Games

This chart of game usage shows how Facebook isn't just a site, but a platform--like Windows for operating systems and Google for Internet search advertising. This is also great news for social gaming companies like Zynga, Playfish, Crowdstar, and Playdom.

Facebook Is Even The Number-Four SEARCH Site Worldwide

Internet Ad Spending Is Still Catching Up With Time Spent Online

This is good news for all online properties who rely on advertising, but particularly Facebook, where users spend more time than at any other site.

Now, Check Out Facebook's Move Into Email

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