The Dumbest Myths About Getting A Job On Wall Street

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You come from a non-target? Sucks to be you
You have a low GPA? Sucks to be you
You want a job in banking? Sucks to be youI’ve been on this website for almost 6 years, and only recently re-started reading some of the posts. Most of them are pointless, but there is the odd post that will entertain me, and make me realise how bad you guys all have it. What really drives me nuts is the posts were people just exchange a lot of useless information and “inform” everyone wrongly.

So I will start with a few myths:

I messed up this question in an interview, I’ll never get the job

When I interview people I like to ask the following question: “How do you hedge your gamma?”
When I ask it, I KNOW that you will not know how to answer it. The only reason I am doing this is to see your thought process and how you re-act under pressure. End of.

Should I were a suit with two or three buttons and a sock in the side pocket? I don’t care how you dress. I really don’t, and nobody else does. If you are a student I don’t expect you to come in tailored. Go to primark or some other cheap place, pick up a suit and a good white shirt and a tie; go even to a used shop to get it! Make sure the suit went through the tailor at the dry cleaner so he can make it look a bit better on you, and that should make it so that you don’t look like a clown. You can get dressed for less than $200 including everything. That also goes with: should i wear my expensive watch? I don’t care.

The hours are so bad, you are treated like sh*t, etc…

True. Not a myth. Sucks to be an analyst.

I come from a non target, I have a low GPA, I come from a target etc… There is only one thing that works, and that is networking. At my old bank (think top BB), we would receive two books of 500 CVs each, that is the number of CVs that had made it through the HR screening out of 6000 to 10000 candidacies depending on the year. I can tell you that unless a kid made a genuine effort of reaching out to us, either on campus, or in some other way; there is a very low probability we will pick you from that book of CVs…
If you are not in that book, it probably does not matter either, if I like you and I see you made an effort to reach out to me, I will ask you to come in for an interview; formal or informal.

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