Scientists Explain Why Titanic's Jack And Rose Could Have Lived

titanic kate jack

Photo: Titanic screencap

After the release of Titanic 3-D, James Cameron received a lot of mail telling him that Rose was so selfish.Viewers think Jack and Rose could have both stayed afloat on that piece of wood until rescue came.

There were even pictures posted on the internet of how two people could fit in the same amount of space that held Rose in the movie. 

With the help of James Cameron, Discovery Channel’s MythBusters set out to find if Jack really had to die.

The MythBusters made miniature versions of Jack and Rose and a replica of the white oak piece of wood she was floating on. These replicas are one-quarter scale versions of the real actors' size and weight.

So, the MythBusters asked: What would happen if Jack just climbed on?

With two people on the door, the couple starts to sink. Luckily the MythBusters are there to save them. Now let's see what happens with real people.

Even in real life the MythBusters have a tough time staying afloat on the same door-raft.

They have a brilliant idea to use the life jacket Rose is wearing in the movie to create more buoyancy under the door-raft.

They can now both easily stay afloat with 80 per cent of their body out of the freezing water.

They were able to stay afloat for 63 minutes, long enough to be rescued.

The MythBusters break the news to James Cameron: Jack died needlessly. Both him and Rose could have stayed on the piece of wood and wait for rescue.

Cameron is also sceptical because the MythBusters were not in freezing waters, nor had they survived a shipwreck.

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