Here's What It Looks Like At Apple's Giant Event Right Now

With its big event only hours away, Apple still has yet to reveal what is underneath the mysterious white building built in front of the Flint Center for the Performing Arts.

A recent photo from IDG News Service senior correspondent Martyn Williams shows the structure is still boarded up at 8:45am ET, with only four hours until Apple’s scheduled keynote.

Apple is expected to reveal both the iPhone 6 and their long-rumoured wearable device, and the company’s choice of hosting the event at the Flint Center holds a historical significance to Apple; it’s the same place Steve Jobs unveiled the original Macintosh computer in 1984.

And while Apple is hosting its keynote at the Flint Center, the white boarded-up building across the street still contains a mystery.

Here’s an aerial look of the massive building.

So what could Apple be hiding inside?

Well, The New York Times is reporting that U2 will perform at Apple’s event, so the three-story structure could be a stage.

We’re also expected to learn more about Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, which allows users to control smart devices throughout their home using their iPhone or iWatch.

While a stage, model home, or simply additional seating seem to be the most likely answer, Apple could also be planning on demonstrating the iWatch’s fitness and health tracking features, and the structure could be hiding a gym of some sort to show of the features.

Whatever it is, we’ll know shortly, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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