MySpace’s (Non)Platform Plans, Updated

First Valleywag, now ex-Business 2.0 editor Josh Quittner say that Mike Arrington is wrong — MySpace won’t be unveiling a Facebook-like platform next week. Instead they’ll be showing off…some apps. Or something.

For what it’s worth, we spoke with a leading developer of both MySpace widgets and Facebook apps yesterday. His take: MySpace is working closely with a handful of widget/app developers on something, but playing it close to the vest. He hasn’t heard directly from the company about any plans to provide open APIs, etc.

Again, we think that even if MySpace were to unveil a Facebook-like platform, and offer developers the chance to keep their own ad revenue — a la Facebook — that it wouldn’t be a game-changer. It’d be big news for developers, who would deploy more resources to MySpace projects, but it’s hard to imagine that users would notice, or find themselves sticking around the site much more than they do now.

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