MySpace's Music Giveaway: Old News

MySpace is working with advertiser Textango in a deal that lets MySpace users who “friend” the company download an album. This is exciting, no? No.

There are a ton of companies monkeying around with the idea of ad-supported music services, but this isn’t what News Corp.’s (NWS) social network is doing here. It’s just assisting an advertiser who wants to give away an album in conjunction with a promotion. That’s a notion that long predates the Internet, and is plenty common today — head into any Starbucks and you can pick up a free coupon that will let you download a song from Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes.

And MySpace itself has been giving away ad-supported music since it started: Ad dollars, after all, are what allows the company to host free MySpace pages for every music act in the world.

Meanwhile, one company that isn’t interested in giving away music is… Textango, whose business model revolves around selling music via cell phones.

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