MySpace Gets Into The T-Shirt Business With Zazzle

File this under the “about time” category: MySpace will be working with custom products company Zazzle to sell t-shirts and other merchandise via News Corp.’s social networking site. The rollout is supposed to be announced at the end of this month at the Digital Hollywood conference in L.A.

We’re assuming, but haven’t confirmed, that the partnership focuses on the thousands of music acts that have turned MySpace into their de facto homepages, which would make sense: MySpace already sells the music acts’ tunes via a deal with SnoCap, and selling t-shirts, posters, etc., is a natural extension. We got “no comment”s from MySpace and Zazzle.

Zazzle and its primary competitor CafePress both offer on-demand printing and shipping. Zazzle raised a $16 Million Series A round led by Kleiner Perkins in 2005.

Update: We hear the deal just covers music, at least initially. We hear Zazzle may also have completed a huge round — perhaps as much as $60 million. Seeking confirmation.

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