News Corp's Asking Price, Zynga's Interest, And Other Insidery Dirt On The MySpace Sale

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Photo: The Mirror

Pssst…here’s what the movers and shakers are gossiping about the MySpace sale:

  • Zynga and News Corp. DID have some preliminary talks. But, if Zynga was interested, News Corp. wouldn’t mind taking back some Zynga stock. (We’re not so sure Zynga would want to part with its stock, though.)
  • News Corp. wants to get over $100 million for the site even though it’s in a serious decline.
  • News Corp. digital exec Jack Kennedy is leading the sale for News Corp.
  • Myspace CEO Mike Jones is said to be trying to get a group together to buy the site.
  • Myspace has some legacy contracts related to music and movies that might make the site less attractive.
  • The financials on it are ugly. (Duh.)

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