MySpace "Quarterlife" Exec Promoted (NWS)

We’ve been repeatedly sceptical about the benefits of “Quarterlife”, the made-for Web TV show that MySpace started running last year. But execs at Fox Interactive Media, the News Corp. (NWS) unit that oversees MySpace, kept insisting they were over the moon about the show.

Proof they really do think the show’s a success: They’ve promoted its champion, Jeff Berman, bumping him up from head of MySpaceTV to head of marketing and content. MySpace says the bigger title is a “newly created role”. But it sounds a lot like the job once occupied by Shawn Gold, who was routinely described as MySpace’s marketing guru —  until he left last fall, whereby his contributions were downgraded to “not such a big deal.”

So why are they different? Shawn was a mere SVP of Marketing and Content. Jeff is now EVP of Marketing and Content.

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