MySpace Founder Hints He’d Like To Buy It Back

chrisdewolfe tbi

MySpace cofounder Chris DeWolfe hinted that he’s interested in buying his old company back from News Corp.

DeWolfe’s interest was rumoured earlier this year, but yesterday in an interview with Businessweek, he issued a non-denial denial that suggests he’s strongly interested:

I can’t talk about whether we have any interest in buying Myspace now—it’s a confidential process—but it’s the biggest property for sale at what, in this market, would be a somewhat reasonable price. You always care if there’s an asset that you feel is undervalued when you had a plan to develop it.

DeWolfe runs social gaming company MindJolt now.

He says that he’s open to working on any platform: “It doesn’t matter if you play on Facebook or your smartphone. We’re not wedded to one platform. I’d love to work with Myspace again.”

It’s hard to imagine anybody turning MySpace around, but at least he understands the pitfalls: you can’t just compete with dominant players like Facebook and Twitter. You have to “outflank” them, he says.