MySpace Exec: Advertising Just Fine, Thanks

Among the tidbits coming out of OMMA’s behavioural Targeting confab: Another MySpace exec says that contrary to public belief, ad rates are strong, and users aren’t chafing under a constant assault of commercial messages. MediaPost’s blogger was sceptical of Fox Interactive Media VP Arnie Gullov-Singh’s claims, but News Corp.’s Q4 numbers at least partially support that notion. Fox Interactive’s non-search ad revenue increased 32% from last quarter

Meanwhile OMMA’s keynoter, IAC Media and Advertising CEO Peter Horan, took the opportnity to beat up one of online advertising’s most popular trends — targeted ads. He said advertisers fall in love with the data (this is exactly what MySpace is using to try to increase its CPMs) and tend to lose sight of what it can and can’t do. Example: GM wanted to target only qualified buyers interested in its Silverado. Says Horan, “there were three of them!”

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