MySpace Could Be Sold Soon

mike jones

News Corp. could dump MySpace relatively soon, reports Michael Arrington at TechCrunch.

Arrington says that News Corp. wants to sell its self-serve ad platform Fox Audience Network (FAN). “If FAN is sold, it’s a solid bet that MySpace will quickly be sold, too,” Arrington writes.

FAN and MySpace are co-dependent. FAN gets half its ad dollars from MySpace.

Silver Lake, the PE shop that bought Skype, has a bid in for FAN.

We’ve previously heard that MySpace was up for sale and that Rupert wants $700 million for it.

Besides a buyer, MySpace is also looking for a third-party to sell its boatloads of non-premium ad inventory. Currently, Google does that as part of a $900 million deal it signed back in 2006. That deal expires this August. A source close to the situation says Google could renew, but for much less than the $300 million per year it paid last time around. Microsoft is a contender for the deal, too. 

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