PHOTOS: MySpace Throws Its Biggest Party In Years

myspace concert

Photo: Kim Bhasin, Business Insider

MySpace celebrated Advertising Week in New York City with a party that was reminiscent of MySpace circa 2006, when it had 100 million users.The company went all out, inviting Far East Movement, Natasha Bedingfield and B.o.B (co-headliner Drake didn’t show) to perform at Best Buy theatre in Midtown Manhattan. Show-goers got rowdy on the floor while MySpace execs and their friends watched from a private balcony.

We’ll take you behind the scenes (including to the VIP room, before Justin Timberlake kicked us out) and show you the highlights from what might be MySpace’s comeback kickoff.

Before doors opened at 8 p.m., a line of eager show-goers wrapped around Best Buy theatre in Times Square

Best Buy theatre got MySpace-d out for the event, with several big screens that flashed its logo and MySpace content all night

People gathered together in the swanky theatre lobby before the show, where the nearby bar was well-stocked and much-frequented

When we caught our first glimpse of the stage, fans were already jostling for the best spots up front

Before the stars' sets, the sound technician made sure the settings were right for the bass-infused show to come

With 45 minutes before the show's start time, we headed over to the VIP room

Most of the people in the VIP room were professionally-clad execs, but a few others were just friends there to hang out

Then B.o.B showed up and chatted with the MySpace folks as he made his way through the VIP room with a small entourage

There was plenty of free food back there, and servers went around with trays

We also found... a lone ESPN pillow? What's that doing there?

B.o.B posed for a bunch of pictures too. But after he left, Justin Timberlake arrived and gave us the boot

By this point, the crowd was more than a few drinks deep and ready to get the party started

Hey, look at that -- music, finally! Here's how we watched Far East Movement, from the photo pit up front

He looks majestic because he should feel majestic. Everyone was loving it

They were pretty much like this through the entire set

Jumping right over us in the photo pit, the party got real. Crowdsurfing!

We can only guess, but it would seem the heavy bass was the cause of this near-disaster, when one of the screens came loose and dropped down over the crowd

And then Far East Movement brought out their DJ, wearing a Monkey Head

Natasha Bedingfield hit the stage next with a string of crowd-pleasers

She closed out her set with an amazing cover of Prince's Purple Rain

B.o.B. got more intimate with fans as the show went on, and got about as cozy as he could when he took a seat here

Later in the evening, he surprised guests when he whipped out an acoustic guitar

The show ended more than an hour past schedule at nearly 1 a.m. The crowd left some late-night carnage for the cleanup folks

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