MySpace (NWS) Beats Targeting Drum

News Corp.’s MySpace (NWS) says it has signed up 50 brands for its ad targeting program, and boasts that the social network’s technology is improving the ad campaigns’ performance by 300%. The News Corp. (NWS) unit is also rolling out a “self-serve” ad program designed for small advertisers.

Both of these are fine for MySpace, which is under considerable pressure to meet revenue goals even as its domestic growth slows. But they are not particularly newsworthy: The ad targeting program, which allows brands to reach MySpace users based on preferences they’ve expressed on their pages, has been rolling out since this summer; an ad push aimed at small businesses is overdue.

So why are you hearing about it now? Because it’s ad:tech week in NY, and everyone needs to announce something. We’re going to see a deluge of these non-news releases in the next few days, and we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t get fooled. Release (x2)

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