MySpace Announces Data Availability Launch (NWS)

MySpace has officially unveiled a program (press release) that will allow users to share MySpace photos, TV networks, and friend networks with Yahoo!, eBay, Twitter, and Photobucket. See an example of how it works at the end of the post.

On the call, MySpace execs said that the program would be launching worldwide in the next several weeks, but they would not pin down a start date. They also said that this program marks the beginning of MySpace joining the DataPortability project, and it’s only the first step, though they wouldn’t elaborate on where they would go from here.

But there’s no signs right now of them working with Facebook on this, although Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace, said he’s willing to work with any site that wants to work with MySpace — Facebook included.

Notes from call:

1:07: Call Starts — Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace: Historically sites have operated as independent autonomous islands. Hoping to create a singificantly more social experience across the Web.

1:09: Social activity isn’t about creating a walled garden

Amit Kapur, COO

1:10: We’re thrilled to demonstrate expereince with some of Internet’s top social destinations. US audience of over 150 million 80% reach, in US market among MySpace and the partner sites.

1:12: Centralized: update photo on MySpace and automatically share information.

Jim Benedetto, SVP Technology

1:13: Commitment ot make this data accessible to everyone. mum and Pop Web sites with limited tech experience will be able to leverage MySpace data. This will launch over next couple of weeks. Will be launching controls build specifically for access to MySpace data.

1:14: Truly open standards. We’re doing this because we believe that open standards are key to a continued evolution of a Web without islands. We are leveraging all the existing work we’ve done surrounding profile privacy to make sure that data stays secure. Users have the ability to revoke the data from third-party sites at any time.

1:16: Let’s say that my favourite American Idol singer gets voted off and I remove that show from my MySpace profile. If I have Data Availability on my Twitter, it will remove that show instatnly from my Twitter profile.

1:17: Working on more granular controls also.


Q: Will this be available to world MySpace users?

A: On a global basis. Starting on a worldwide basis.

Q: What does MySpace get out of this?

A: Able to promote more open and social Internet, one of our core principles.

Q: Collaborating with DataPortability?

A: Officially joining DataPortability project. The project calls for a variety things, Data Availability being one of them.

Q: When is this all going to happen?

A: Available in the coming weeks, several weeks.

Q: Terms of service?

A: Very very strong controls around caching and storing data on third-party sites. From a privacy perspective, ability to revoke access needs to happen instantaneously.

Q: What are the other elements of DataPortability?

A: Looking at all the differenct aspects. Too early for us to share our plans. This is step one.

Q: Working with other sites, specifically Facebook?

A: Open to any site willing to work with us, we’re willing to work with Facebook.

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