MySpace and MTV Partner for “Presidential Dialogues”


It’s a match made in heaven.  Presidential candidates desperately seeking support from the country’s apathetic “youth vote” can hunt those impressionable young voters where they live: on Viacom’s MTV (VIAB) and News Corp’s MySpace (NWS).  The candidates all already have MySpace pages, of course (duh!), and are already trying hard to foster the impression that they want to do nothing but watch MTV, but this partnership should seal the deal.

The “dialogues” will be broadcast on MTV TV, as well as on and MySpaceTV.  They’ll feature ” candid, unfiltered discussions between young people and all the major… candidates.”  The first one will  will feature former Senator John Edwards in New Hampshire on Thursday, September 27.

It gets cooler. Really.

[E]very MTV viewer, and all and MySpace users will be able to submit questions via MySpaceIM, mobile devices and e-mail – while watching the live webcast on either site – as online viewer reaction is captured through live polling tools on both and


Thousands of MySpace and users will have opportunities to attend the dialogues, which will largely take place on campuses in the mtvU (MTV’s 24-hour college channel) network of more than 750 U.S. colleges and universities… One of the ways to be in the audience for the dialogues will be by ‘friending’ the official event profile on, adding it to your ‘Top 8’ and then being one of the first to show up when a new campus location is revealed. Additionally, select users who submit the most compelling online videos on how they’re addressing election issues that impact their community will be flown to the events

Candidates already confirmed to participate…include:

  • Former Sen. John Edwards ( on         September 27
  • Sen. Sam Brownback (
  • Sen. Hillary Clinton (
  • Sen. Chris Dodd (
  • Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (
  • Rep. Duncan Hunter (
  • Sen. John McCain (
  • Sen. Barack Obama (
  • Rep. Ron Paul (
  • Gov. Bill Richardson (
  • Former Gov. Mitt Romney (

We’d love to just poke fun at this, but it actually sounds like a great idea.  Hats off to MySpace and MTV.  Now all the companies need to do is figure out how to let users/viewers VOTE on MySpace, and then the number of 18-25 year olds who bother to pull the lever might even be meaningful.