MySpace Adds The Onion


The Onion, the Soho-based website/newspaper/multimedia comedy juggernaut, has signed on to distribute its stuff through News Corp.’s MySpace. There’s a wacky press release full of Wall Street Journal jokes and the like (the best part may be the straight-faced addendum at the end that notes the press release is “satirical”). But this looks like a fairly standard deal for MySpace, which lumps the the Onion in alongside a laundry list of content partners that ranges from LonelyGirl15 to The New York Times in the release, which you can read after the jump.  First the disclosure: I’ve known several of the Onion edit staffers for a very long time.


Respected Pillar of Journalism Partners With Fledgling Unknown “Website”

The Onion Joins 40% Of Population In Starting Groundbreaking “Web Log”

Millions Of MySpace Users Stay Informed With The Onion’s Breaking News And Video
LOS ANGELES—August 8, 2007—MySpace, the country’s most trafficked website, and The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, today announced an exclusive content partnership to bring new Onion video and audio content, articles, blogs, and breaking news to MySpace and MySpaceTV viewers ( <> The Onion/MySpace partnership will create a branded “Onion” community allowing fans to view exclusive content through the video hub as well as via the Onion’s new MySpace profile at  <


“The news business is like the tobacco business: you want to reach new readers at as young and impressionable an age as possible,” Onion president Sean Mills said. “MySpace was, of course, a natural partner in that regard.”

In addition to providing online video and audio content, the partnership launches The Onion’s first-ever staff blog. These exclusive stories written by the nation’s most respected reporters, editors, and on-screen anchors allow a behind-the-scenes peek into the 892 offices of The Onion.

“The Wall Street Journal is all well and good, but the Onion News Network represents the best in hard-hitting investigative journalism (at least on MySpace),” said Jeff Berman, GM of MySpace TV. “Also, we lost a bet.”

The Onion News Network, found on-line at, sets the standard for globe-encompassing, 24-hour television news, keeping viewers up to the minute on everything that matters. With the launch of The Onion’s new branded MySpace community, young and impressionable MySpacers can stay informed without ever leaving the womb-like confines of MySpace.

More than 4 million people read The Onion on the web each month at, while more than 3 million read it in print editions across the country. The Onion was founded in 1756 by a tuber farmer named Friedrich Siegfried Zweibel, and was revived in 1988 in Madison, WI.

The Onion is the newest addition to a number of content partners on MySpaceTV including: LonelyGirl15, Sony (Minisode Network), NBA, NHL, The Producers Guild, National Geographic, The New York Times, Reuters, and lifestyle outlets including Animation Show, The Daily Reel, Expert Village, Flow, FOX’s IGN Entertainment, Kush TV,

, Octane TV, Ripe TV, Studio411, (from the makers of Vice Magazine), and Young Hollywood.

Following the lead of the internationally ubiquitous reach of The Onion, MySpaceTV is localised in 18 international territories, allowing users around the world to share and create videos in their own language, discover the most popular and relevant videos in their markets, and connect with other local users. localised versions of MySpaceTV are available in seven different languages across the UK, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Latin America, Switzerland, Sweden, and Austria.

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NOTE: The foregoingis a satirical press release published by MySpace, Inc. and TheOnion, Inc.
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