Myra Kraft’s Spirit Lives On With The 2011 New England Patriots

Marriage is a special time in a couple’s life. It is the point when after a period of dating, the couple realise that they found the person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with, and raise a family with, and have a home together. It is not a long term date. It is a bond between two people who feel a connection that is unbreakable.

Any kind of problems that will arise will test the pair, but the pair are expected to work it out between them. A marriage is an equal partnership as well, as both partners are to love, and respect each other equally “in sickness and in health, till death do us part.” Too many marriages sadly end in divorce. Some end within a year, but that is not for me to judge. Many last decades, till indeed “death did them part,” as my parents did. My parents just missed the 26th anniversary in June 1986 when my dad passed in May of that year.

The married couple I will be discussing in this blog is New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft, and his beloved late wife, Myra, and how her spirit is still having an impact on the 2011 New England Patriots. She had a wonderful life, and I hope that my readers, whether Patriots fans or not will enjoy this blog.

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