MYOB CEO Tim Reed just used the 'B' key trick to get the room's attention

Photo: Peter Terlato

MYOB CEO Tim Reed used the B key trick to get the room’s attention at the company’s roadshow in Melbourne today.

MYOB CEO Tim Reed.

The B key trick blanks out your presentation screen.

It works by removing distraction and makes the presenter the focal point of attention.

Reed used it to tell the room the company’s BankLink solution isn’t going anywhere.

He said he’s been asked many times what is happening with the feature and has heard rumours from competitors that BankLink’s days were numbered.

With the screens darkened he said it “will be around for a long, long time to come.”

When he said it people in the room looked straight at him, not the screen.

Communications coach and chief executive of The Vivid Method for Public Speaking, Cam Barber, has previously said it’s important to understand that the speaker makes the presentation, and the slides are there as support.

“Too often PowerPoint is seen as the master,” Barber said. Using the B key returns control to the presenter and changes the mood in the room.

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