9 Things We Want To Happen In Tech In 2013

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The world didn’t end this week, so we’ll enter a brand new year in just a few short days.And there are some things I’d like to see happen in 2013.

Let’s make it a productive, interesting year for tech.

I want mobile payments to become more mainstream

It's time to start leaving wallets at home. Starbucks' in-store payment implementation is a pretty solid indicator that it's completely feasible to pay for things without a credit card, regardless of if your smartphone is equipped with NFC or not.

I want to see an Apple television set

In true Apple fashion, all the rumours and speculation have everyone whipped up into a near-religious fervor.

'What do we want?' The Apple television!

'When do we want it?' Yesterday!

Count me among the people who'd like to see it sooner than later, even though analyst reports suggest we won't see it until 2014.

Hobbyist 3D printers almost always rely on melting plastic and laying it down layer by layer in a process called extrusion. Plastic extrusion will get you pretty far, but for fine detail work or printing without seams, it leaves a lot to be desired.

The future of 3D printing at home seems to be stereolithography, where lasers shape liquid resin without heat, a technology currently in use with the Form 1 printer.

I want someone to fix Bluetooth

Pairing headphones and speakers to a phone sucks. I want a solution that can do the same thing without any of the lag time or issues with the device not being 'in range' when it's snuggled right up next to my phone.

I want Apple to fix iCloud

Just buy Dropbox already.

Apple has an impressive history of bad internet services. Why not acquire a company that's been focused exclusively on providing killer cloud storage from the beginning?

I want an Android phone that can cut through all the iPhone hype

We have yet to see an Android phone that is as instantly recognisable and ubiquitous to a layman as the iPhone.

Maybe the next Galaxy phone will be the one to do it. If and when it happens, the smartphone market will only get more interesting to follow.

I want to see Android tablet apps be as readily available as iPad apps

There are some 275,000 iPad apps out there, and they all run on any iPad.

The same can't be said for the Android universe, with its serious fragmentation problem. Certain apps working on one tablet and not on another? Please.

I want to see Google Glass in the wild

Google Glass is probably the most public face of wearable tech. And it seems promising.

If it's truly the next big thing, then it'll have to get over the 'I feel silly wearing this in public' hurdle. So when it comes out, let's see its new owners strap them on and take to the streets.

I want to see self-driving cars prove their worth

I hate driving so much. If a car could just do the driving for me, it would make me so happy.

Google's self-driving cars are already legal in Nevada and California. Let's see more states open up to the the technology and adopt the future.

How do you feel about Facebook games?

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