My Stock Picks For June

A new month is right around the corner; here are Outlaw‘s latest stock picks.

In the interest of proving to readers that I can be concise when I want to be, I will keep this refreshingly brief.

1. Citigroup Inc — Read my full explanation here, but basically: well-run, massive bank that happens to be off 13.2% year-to-date, despite the overall surge in US equities so far this year. Also, efficiently run (they hounded me relentlessly when I forgot to pay one of my Citi cards recently — I was out of the country — anyway, a good sign from a management perspective, although personally irritating) and the majority of Outlaw‘s readers in a recent poll indicated that they were bullish on Citi stock.

2. Cisco Systems — I personally don’t “get” the Cisco craze and I’m not a fanboy by any means, but given how low the stock has tumbled and the inevitability of ever-increasing cloud networking demand, this one has been added to Outlaw‘s stock picks for June and beyond. Full explanation and chart here.

3. Oil and gold — both are obnoxiously expensive at the present moment, and unfortunately for new buyers I’d say that both are headed substantially higher over the next 12 months.

4. iShares FTSE China Index Fund — Invest in China, my friends. (imagine me saying it in a Dos Equis commercial style, of course). Long-term, should come out brilliantly, and a chartist I consult frequently agrees. Short-term, I have no idea.

— provided by Outlaw