Start Out Small When You Save For Those Rainy Days

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Photo: Dhani Queens

As I write this, it’s a bazillion degrees here in Chicago and the thought of rain makes my heart do backflips.  You know what else makes my heart do backflips?  SAVING MONEY and being financially independent. That’s cool for a hot day.
It always amazes me the array of tired excuses that I hear from people to get sympathy when they say they “can’t save money,” for an emergency or “rainy day,” fund.  In black and white, unless you’re at the poverty line, unemployed & with kids to feed you have no excuse not to be putting money away each paycheck.  Truly, when someone says they “can’t” save money, it usually means they simply won’t save money and quite frankly, they’re lazy or just intimidated.
Personally, I put $20 a week into a savings account, no matter what.  The payments are automatic and the money is transferred before I miss it.  I started a “vacation” fund 3 months ago and already have over $330 saved, not bad!   $20 is really nothing in the scheme of things- but if all hell breaks loose, I have $330 for an emergency dental treatment or a quick trip to see family if needed.  I like the idea of having a chunk of change to spend on whatever comes my way- that’s freedom and that’s truly fabulous!
Getting Started With Saving In 3 Steps:
1. Decide What You’re Saving For (emergency fund, vacation, a new pug puppy.)
2. Choose a savings account & be sure to compare interest rates ( works well for this!)
3. Set up automatic payments from checking to savings with each week, paycheck or month.
Seriously, that’s it. Sorry, I know you were hoping for some highly technical post with lots of statistics, but this is all you get- saving made stupidly simple.
Simple, huh? Would I have saved $330 in 3 months doing it manually? HECK NO. I would have spent that on shoes (and probably did!)  The fact is, it’s rare that we remember to put money aside for anything- for fun, for emergencies, or just to make it rain dollar bills- we get busy, we overspend, we lose track.
I assure you, start right NOW with $10 a week (which is what I used to do while working part time in graduate school) with automatic payments, and you can send me an ehug later when you see your money hit the triple digits.  

As much as I would love to awe you with investing tips or cool ways to diversify your portfolio, you have to start somewhere, and you have to start small.

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