Crazy New Facebook Game Will Pay Its Top Players

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A New Jersey developer called Apps Genius says it is going to pay Facebook users for playing its new game, My Mad Millions.

Specifically, Apps Genius says that the top 20% most active players each day will receive virtual rewards that can be turned in for cash worth 50% of the game’s revenue that day.

This incentive program fits in neatly with the game’s unusual premise: you assume the role of someone who has just inherited $300 million dollars. The object of the game is to blow through this money as quickly as possible and end up with nothing.

The basic mechanics of the game — and thus its revenue model — are pretty similar to just about everything else you see on Facebook. You have a certain amount of ‘energy’ which is consumed whenever you perform actions in the game (in this case renting extravagant homes, throwing wild parties, making dodgy investments, etc.) When you run out of energy, you have to wait for it to recharge, or pay real money for more.

That means playing the game probably isn’t going to get your kids through college. Apps Genius doesn’t disclose exactly what its algorithm for determining the “most active” players are, but spending money lets you do more of just about everything. So, presumably, the top 20% of players could account for more than 50% of the game’s revenue, meaning that no one would come out ahead.

So the cash rewards are a nice bonus for this game, if you’re inclined to pay for Facebook games in general, but it’s unlikely that this could be an investment.

Since this is so unusual, and since the developer is all but unknown, it certainly makes sense to worry about whether everything here is on the up and up. The rewards are powered by another little-known New Jersey company called PeopleString, which doesn’t help.

But the game is fully functional and, as Facebook games go, fun enough. You don’t have to expose yourself in any unusual way or hand over any private information. So, at worst, this is just another Facebook game, with fairly typical game play and a very unusual plot.

And, hey, maybe you’ll get rich playing.

Your net worth is what you're trying to get rid of. Everything else is pretty much par for the Facebook gaming course: energy and stamina let you perform certain actions. Pay up or wait for a refill.

Buying durable goods won't make you any poorer: you'd still own the assets. So the game is all about renting things, hiring assistants, and consumption

This is a neat twist: you rent property wherever you want in the world, picking your location on a real world map, down to the satellite level

Hire decorators to help you spruce up your new home...

The money you blow hiring these folks is compounded by the money they encourage you to blow renting things

There are some weird quests along the way, like blowing off your former employer.

Lose bonus money by getting sued.

'My Mad Millions Points' can be used to refill your energy, stamina, and everything else that makes the game work.

U.S. dollars can be used to buy My Mad Millions Points

Check out the leaderboards to see how you stack up

You need to sign up to be eligible for cash rewards

I'm in! Is this the first step on the road to riches? We'll see.

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