My iPhone 4 Has Totally Killed My Digital Camera


When I travel, I’ve historically taken two cameras with me: My digital SLR — for the good shots, or when I want to use fancy lenses, and a small point-and-shoot digital camera — for when I want to be quick, stealthy, or shoot videos.

This week, I just got back from my first “real” vacation since buying an iPhone 4 — a week in Paris and Provence, France.

And after a few months of use, I’ve learned that the camera in the iPhone 4 is so good that I didn’t even think about bringing my point-and-shoot Canon with me on the trip.

And I didn’t miss it. The photos my iPhone takes are better than my old Canon — or at least the same — and the video is better. In a smaller device with more storage, which also works as a phone, web browser, and connected map with GPS.

I even found myself using my DSLR less on the trip because the iPhone photos were good enough.

The iPhone 4 has limitations, obviously — the camera lens doesn’t have a cover, so it smudges and scratches more easily than a digital camera lens would.

But it makes up for that with great software — like the new HDR photography mode, which takes better photos during certain lighting situations — and photo apps that many people enjoy using.

Good morning from the TGV station in Avignon, France

This train is about to speed off at 310 km/h

Bastille station on the Paris Métro

Paris school

Doorway in Provence

Neat graffiti (art?)

Salami sandwich on the Rhône River in Arles, France

Reading a Kindle in Arles, France

No 1990s brick phones allowed

Beware of bulls

This car is full of leaves. St. Remy, France

Restaurant Provençal

A Ricard pastis in St. Remy

Salade Niçoise

Sign from the Avignon TGV station

Coffee at Merci in Paris

Looking out the Merci courtyard in Paris, with and without HDR

Flowers in Chicago

Chicago's Wrigley Field

Leaving Chicago by plane

No. 7 Sub in New York City

Brooklyn Bridge on my walk home

Inside Uniqlo

Lobster dinner in Portland, Maine

Deep thoughts, Portland, Maine

The Golden Gate Bridge in late afternoon

Treat. Looking down in San Francisco.

San Francisco

Moustache Genius. In the NYC subway.

IKEA soda. Note some double-text because of the HDR.

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