My Gold IPhone 5S Finally Arrived And It's Simply OK

After waiting almost three weeks for my new gold iPhone 5S, it arrived on Thursday.

I ordered it online at around 3:01 am ET on Friday, September 20, the day it launched.

Apple’s gold iPhone 5S went out of stock in Asia just after about a day. In the U.S., those who ordered online were told that it wouldn’t be available until October.

But now that I actually have it, I’m honestly not all that excited by it.

That’s because I already owned the white iPhone 5, and have been using iOS 7 for the last couple of weeks.

In fact, a former colleague said that if you already have an iPhone 5, there’s no need to buy one of Apple’s new iPhones. Now that I’ve got one, I basically agree.

But there’s still no way I’m giving up my gold iPhone 5S.

It’s just too pretty.

Here it is. Kind of looks like the iPhone 5, right?

Well, it's not. It's the iPhone 5S.

In gold!

When the iPhone 5S was first announced, the most exciting feature seemed to be Touch ID. Touch ID allows you to use your fingerprint as a password.

Setting up Touch ID was pretty straight forward. After about a minute, I had successfully set it up.

Look at that gold!

But unfortunately, it's not ALL gold. Nor is it made out of gold.

It's just gold-coloured.

Another cool thing about the iPhone 5S is the camera. Here's a look at the new iSight camera. It has a larger sensor, larger pixels, and a larger aperture than the one on the iPhone 5.

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