You'd Have To Be Crazy To Think Website Traffic Doesn't Matter For Your Business


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Is site traffic important to you in measuring the success of your Web presence and online marketing efforts? Does it feel more like your website is just an electronic business card – and nothing else? If so, I have a feeling you’re not alone.I came to that realisation yesterday in speaking with a close friend of mine. In explaining that he had set up a website and a few social media pages for his yoga-teaching girlfriend, he said, “I don’t care if she has 60 site hits or 6,000…if she’s not getting clients, what’s the point?”

The next innovation Silicon Valley needs to make is a super-futuristic time/space portal that allows for one caller to reach his hand through the receiver of the phone and slap the person on the other end. It was surprising to hear that from such a savvy Web user. Later, I secretly thought to myself how comforting it was to know that people like him exist, because without his ignorance, I wouldn’t have a business.

I explained to him that if 60 visitors come and leave his website without converting into a client, he had better hope that it’s because of his weakened Web presence and lacking website – otherwise it means his girlfriend is a bad Yoga teacher and she should consider pursuing another line of work.

I wanted him to understand that an effective and powerful Web presence doesn’t come easily or quickly, or without effort and mistakes. Business is about trying new things until you find something that works and so too is the formula for successfully leveraging Web in your favour to convert leads and increase sales.

He’s a hard-headed guy, so I don’t know if everything I explained to him stuck. I gave him a few resources to check out; it was clear he never knew anything like this existed. Here’s the list:

Google Analytics – a free service from The Big G that allows you to track your visitors (new and returning), demographics, where the traffic originates from, your keywords, advertising ROI, flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. It’s works by uploading a simple piece of code to the HTML in the header of your Website.

Google Webmaster Central – Another free service much like Analytics, but instead of tracking website hits, the Webmaster tools help you understand how and when Google crawls your page for indexing. You can view and fix crawling errors, submit a sitemap of your website, and a resource, tips, advice, Wiki forum help centre that is so incredibly deep and useful, you’ll feel like a Google engineer in no time.

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