The Coolest And Wackiest Gadgets We Saw At Mobile World Congress

NTT DoCoMo Waterproof phone TBIWhat, your Android phone doesn’t work in the shower? Next →

Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

BARCELONA — The last five days at Mobile World Congress, we’ve spent SEVERAL hours walking the show floors, taking briefings, and watching keynotes, as companies showed off their newest and coolest mobile technology.Some of it is really cool!

It’s actually pretty amazing how much Google Android stuff there was at the show, ranging from a bunch of new tablets (we’re not yet ready to get too excited about those) to smartphones that feature 3-D graphics, or are WATERPROOF and work in the shower.

And some of the booths — especially Google’s — were remarkable.

The Motorola Xoom tablet actually looks pretty good, if you're into Android

Although the coolest feature of Motorola's booth was a giant video display of individual LEDs

These gigantic Android phones at Google's booth actually worked -- you could surf the web, take photos, etc.

One booth even had a wall of real birch logs

The LG Optimus 3-D phone -- no glasses required! -- is a cool idea, but the 3-D stuff isn't very good

Unless you're holding the phone perfectly still, the 3D image jumps around -- annoying and might give you a headache after a while

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 feature that hooks up to the Xbox/Kinect (shown off during Steve Ballmer keynote) looks pretty cool, though no word on whether it'll ever ship

Racecar driving game inside a racecar

NTT DoCoMo, the Japanese mobile carrier, had some cool phones on display, like this collaboration with Finland design house Marimekko

And this bizarre phone made of real wood

And this Toshiba Android phone that has mobile TV...

...and is waterproof! Use it in the shower, in the rain, maybe even in the pool

The HP TouchPad looks nice and feels solid, but what's going to differentiate it from Apple? And how much is it going to cost?

No, that's not a giant. That's the tiny HP Veer, which is launching before the new TouchPad tablet and Pre 3 phone.

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. The new QNX OS is indeed fast. But it's so uninspiring. RIM needs to hire better designers.

At least they got the OLD iTunes icon sorta right

Samsung's new Galaxy S II is a nice and big (but thin) and light Android phone (and we're not just saying that because Samsung flew us to Barcelona and put us up for the conference!)

This rugged ZTE Android phone reminded us a little of the yellow Sony Sports Walkman from the 90s

This mobile accessory vending machine in the Barcelona subway is actually pretty cool, though we're not sure if makes much money!

The best-stocked bar seen in a MWC booth all week

Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Android phone could bring some serious gaming to Android, but will developers go out of their way to make custom games for it?

This is kinda cool: The Sony Ericsson LiveView watch links up with one of its Android phones, so you can read Facebook, Twitter, etc. on your wrist.

And you can use the LiveView as a second viewfinder for your phone's camera

The new HTC Flyer tablet looks pretty nice, though we're not crazy about the 7-inch size, and the HTC guys wouldn't let us try it out

That's a lot of antennae!

No, that's not a NOKIA, it's a KONKA. Sort of like the Coby of phones.

Yes, even Energizer is at Mobile World Congress. This is a car charger for USB devices.

Did you know Energizer made iPhone chargers? We didn't.

Wireless charging stations

In the Skype booth, they're making coffee...

... and doing some weird dancing. Europe!

The biggest hit at MWC was the Google Android pins. Just the occupation that 60,000 jetlagged conference visitors needed to keep them paying attention.

Bizarre phone accessories pamphlet...

iHealth, a blood pressure monitor for your iPad

T-Mobile didn't have any crazy gadgets out, but its room was gorgeous

But the best gadget of them all was the slide at the Google booth

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