LIVE FROM BARCELONA: Here's What You're Missing At Mobile World Congress

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Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

We’ve been in Barcelona since the weekend, attending the annual Mobile World Congress wireless industry expo.Sunday’s events focused mostly on two big press conferences: Sony Ericsson’s, where they unveiled an Android-powered PlayStation phone, and Samsung’s, where they announced a new Android phone and a 10-inch version of their Galaxy Tab tablet. (More about those here.)

Disclaimer: Samsung was generous enough to sponsor our trip to Barcelona. So we’re feeling pretty warm and fuzzy about Samsung right now! That said, we will continue to strive for editorial accuracy and fairness, and we don’t think that our Mobile World Congress coverage will be different as a result.

Today (Monday) the conference begins, and some announcements have already come out from Foursquare (new language editions) and LG (new 3D devices).

We’ll also attempt to liveblog tonight’s keynotes, beginning at 10 a.m. ET — Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo — wi-fi permitting. Stay tuned to SAI for the latest.

Meanwhile, we’ve been taking a bunch of photos!

We started our journey on Friday afternoon. Check out these giant biz-class seats! Thanks, Samsung!

The second leg: Flying from London to Barcelona, over the Pyrenees

Sunday, after playing around with gadgets, we checked out Barcelona's famous Gaudi-designed Park Güell

After a quick nap, we were off to Mobile World Congress events

First stop was a hotel across town for the ShowStoppers press event. But there's a mob out front -- and presidential-level security -- because the Real Madrid soccer team is staying there!

Nice place!

This is ShowStoppers, where a bunch of companies have paid to be packed like sardines into a room full of journalists, snacks, and booze.

Checking email on the (rare) free wi-fi

Here's the Sonos booth, where they're showing off their new Android remote control software

Spanish ham sandwiches

Here, someone shows us bizarre new tablet keyboard software, which is basically a mostly-invisible keyboard. They weren't very forthcoming about how it works yet.

Typical show swag

Seems to be a podcast taping of sorts

And here Novatel Wireless is showing off new MiFi and wireless data products

4G LTE MiFi coming to Verizon later this spring, WiMax coming to Sprint

Across town, Sony Ericsson was showing off the new Xperia Play phone, which is powered by Android and can play some PlayStation-style games

Here's part of Sony Ericsson's commercial -- an Android robot with thumbs (for gaming). Neat!

Meanwhile, we were off to attend Samsung's big event at the Palau Sant Jordi complex, where a lot of events were held during the 1992 Olympics

Full house

Here is an orchestra playing Samsung Galaxy S smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablets, in addition to normal instruments

Samsung's JK Shin shows off the new Android-powered Galaxy S II (LOTS of Android at MWC)

Adobe's David Wadhwani announces that Adobe expects Flash to be supported on more than 130 million mobile/tablet devices worldwide

Samsung also unveils the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a bigger version of its Android tablet

After the show: Spanish ham, hand-carved right in front of us

Paella! Other food included excellent braised beef, fish, etc. But we mostly ate the ham.

It's kind of amazing how global the crowd at MWC is -- much moreso than the U.S. conferences we attend

Attendees ogle the big screen on the new Galaxy S II

Where's Angry Birds on this thing?

Someone measures the Galaxy S II thickness versus an iPhone 4

Testing photo mode on the Galaxy Tab. Seems like a weird way to take pictures, but this sort of tablet feature could be really cool for augmented reality type applications.

A gadget photographer's trick: Using some sort of gum and film canisters to hold up the phones

Late night outing! And that's about it. Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow.

Here's a phone that's NOT on display in Barcelona

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