10 Apps We're In Love With Right Now

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So much of your day-to-day experience with your smartphone is shaped by the apps you use.If you let your apps grow stale, it’s easy to get bored with your device.

From boosting our productivity and making our messages smarter to serving up the haterade, these apps have changed how we feel about our phones.

Carrot: the app that turns your tasks into a game.

Carrot is a supercharged productivity app that turns daily tasks into a game.

If you keep Carrot happy by getting things done, she--the app definitely has a personality--will reward you.

Available for: iOS

Price: $0.99

Climate Clock: a beautiful weather app with tons of forecast features

I run into nice weather apps all the time. The most useful ones provide users with a wide view of current conditions and what's coming next.

I especially like apps that tell me what the weather will be like at a particular time.

Climate Clock does all these things. The app shows you an analogue clock, which displays the hourly weather in a beautiful, easy to read design.

Besides just the current day's forecast, users can see a full 10-day forecast.

One of the features I really like is how the app displays the current temperature as a badge. That way, you don't even have to open Climate Clock to see the current temperature.

Available for: iOS

Price: on sale for $0.99

T3 Music Player: a nice alternative to the same old music experience

The T3 music player is an alternative to Apple's built-in music app.

T3 looks beautiful and offers a completely custom interface. It's simple to use, just import your favourite songs from the music app and play them through T3. The app offers AirPlay support, so you can stream music wirelessly in your home, and is available in 13 languages.

Available for: iOS

Price: $0.99

Sunrise: an awesome calendar app that's ridiculously easy to use

Sunrise pulls in Google Calendar information and is a very clean experience. It's simple to enter events and see your appointments for the day, week, or month.

When you enter a location for your event it pulls everything up on a map, which is helpful.

We really like the multiple-timezone settings and the option to include Facebook events and birthdays.

Available for: iPhone

Price: Free

MessageMe is a new group messaging app that lets your draw doodles and even share music

Messaging apps are a dime a dozen--no wait, they're almost all free, so forget the dime.

But new app MessageMe is unique because it lets users share doodles, music, voice, video, and of course text. Group messaging is also built in. So far we like it.

Available for: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Launch centre Pro puts your most frequently used smartphone actions at your fingertips

Launch centre Pro is an older app we've rediscovered--the trick is to learn how to use it.

With one tap, you have access to commands like a flashlight, a quick way to toggle brightness, speed dials, templates for text messages, and more.

Launch centre Pro allows you to make completely customisable commands, like a button to quickly call your mum or send a tweet. The possibilities are almost endless.

Available for: iPhone

Price: On sale right now for $2.99

Mokriya's officially licensed Craigslist app is the best way to navigate the site on mobile

Mokriya knows a lot about making good apps.

Its latest offering is an officially licensed Craigslist app. Mokriya Craigslist gives direct access to the popular service without ads.

The interface is beautifully designed, and it's easy to navigate the various sections of Craigslist.

Available for: Android and iOS.

Price: Free

Txtot reminds you to send messages later

Have you ever wanted to schedule a text to be sent at a later time or date?

Txtot does exactly that. The only catch is it doesn't actually send the message, but instead the app reminds you to do so at a specific time.

Txtot says that you texts remain private and are stored on your device like regular messages.

Price: $0.99

Hater App lets you share with others things you hate

Hater is a new way to express the things you really don't like.

Users can follow a live stream of 'Hates' from people you follow, take a photo with the hater camera and add a filter, write a rant, and even share hates anonymously under an alter ego.

Price: Free

Feedly is the best replacement for Google Reader

This week news broke that Google was discontinuing its Google Reader service. Many users were upset about this news and many alternatives popped up.

The best alternative we came across was Feedly. Even after Google Reader ceases to exist Feedly will still work--it's built a new back end that works like Google Reader but doesn't depend on it.

We like Feedly so much because it is easy to use, simple, and looks great.

Available for: iOS, Android, and Kindle.

Price: Free

We just got back from Austin, which was an absolute app-ocalypse ...

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