Griefer Raid Shuts Down Muslim Virtual World “Muxlim Pal”


Online “griefers” are drawn to virtual worlds like moths to light. What are “griefers?” organised bands of anonymous idiots whose goal is to harass and annoy other users.

Virtual world Second Life has them. Google’s (GOOG) shuttered virtual world Lively had them. And if Sony (SNE) hasn’t thought through their upcoming PS3-based virtual world “Home” very carefully, we’re sure it will have them, too. So when someone came up with the idea of a Muslim-themed virtual world called “Muxlim Pal,” they should have seen this coming.

“Muxlim pal” launched in beta only yesterday, and already the site has had to be taken down. It’s back up now, but with resticted access for new members.

Via the Click Heard Around The World:

Welcome to Muxlim Pal. As you know, are committed to providing all our users with a respectful, open-minded and family-friendly environment, in which to learn, exchange information, play and work. Unfortunately, we have had a short down time, as a small number of destructive elements were sabotaging the site for everyone else. The site is now up again and users are enjoying it. With these attacks going on we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily restrict access for new members.

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